Queer Liberation: No Prisons, No Borders (captioned)

Featuring Reina Gossett, Angélica Cházaro, CeCe McDonald, and Dean Spade. With art by Micah Bazant, Roan Boucher, Julio Salgado, Rommy Torrico, and Zuleica Zepeda.

This video examines the connections being made in queer and trans anti-police, anti-prison and anti-deportation activism. Reina Gossett, CeCe McDonald, Angélica Cházaro and Dean Spade explore the problems with reforms to criminal and immigration systems that are framed around providing relief to the “deserving” while strengthening enforcement against those cast as “undeserving.” Angélica Cházaro describes movement strategy focused not on gaining lawful status for more immigrants, but instead on reducing the relevance of status to life necessities like education, health care, ID, and employment.

Video by Dean Spade and Hope Dector