Questionnaire and 2002

In 2014, Juana María Rodríguez organized an event called “Soapbox Manifestos” at the American Studies Association annual meeting and invited me to perform a manifesto. I wrote and read this Questionnaire which Undercommoning just published. I recommend looking at their site more broadly–lots of provocative thinking and wonderful tools there.

In other news, Original Plumbing recently contacted me for an interview about my 2002 bathroom arrest in Grand Central and my thoughts on the contemporary bathroom controversies and what has changed in trans politics. It was a fun conversation, and threw me back into thinking about some old times. I dug up the zine we made after that arrest, Piss & Vinegar, and some old photos for them. I’ll post the interview and more photos when it comes out.

piss and vinegar zine 2002
Piss and Vinegar zine back 2002
Dean 2002