Big Door Brigade

The Big Door Brigade is a group of people based in and near Seattle, Washington offering mutual aid resources for organizers and activists.

About the Big Door Brigade: 

We know each other through organizing and activism on issues that include criminalization and imprisonment, anti-fascism, rural organizing, social services, anti-racism, queer and trans movement building, and more. We began meeting in June 2016 to reflect on the political moment and share useful readings. We continue to read and think together, and we have created this site as a way of sharing ideas that are emerging in our discussions. We share a desire to see increased participation in left social movements and we spend time talking about how to remove barriers to participation, especially for people who are newly mobilizing now. We are imagining ways that our movements become more welcoming, easier to participate in–a wide and welcoming entryway into movement work. We are dreaming of a big door.

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