Radio, Buzz and Stopping Jail from Being Built!

KPFA did some great programming around Pride this year focusing on critical queer and trans political resistance and critiques of same-sex marriage, gay military service and other hallmarks of wealthy white gay politics.  Here is a whole day of programs that aired on Pride Sunday. Here is a show focusing on the critique of same-sex marriage advocacy, including Kenyon Farrow, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore and me. In other news, Buzzfeed published a list of 24 Americans Who Changed the Way We Think About Transgender Rights.  I’m excited to be on any list with Sylvia, Marsha, Miss Major, Lou and all these other amazing people.

Finally, I am so excited by all the inspiring work being done by Washington Incarceration Stops Here.  We are doing an awesome postcard campaign about what people think our county really needs rather than a new youth jail and family court buildings.  And we’re building a coalition of groups who have signed on to our Points of Unity.  If your organization wants to sign on, no matter where you are, please let us know! We’re also starting a zine so please let us know if you have art or writing you’d like to contribute or if you can help spread the word to people who may want to contribute, especially youth and people impacted by criminalization and child welfare systems.