Book Chapters


Queer Politics and Anti-Blackness, co-authored with Morgan Bassichis, in Queer Necropolitics, edited by Jin Haritaworn, Adi Kuntsman and Silvia Posocco, (2014).

Too Queer to Be Square, in After Homosexual: The Legacies of Gay Liberation, edited by Carolyn D’Cruz and Mark Pendleton, (2014).

Their Laws Will Never Make Us Safer, in Prisons Will Not Protect You (ed. Ryan Conrad) (AK Press 2012), Spanish translation by Morgan Ztardust.

Building an Abolitionist Trans & Queer Movement with Everything We’ve Got, in Captive Genders (ed. Eric Stanley and Nat Smith) (AK Press, 2011), (co-authored with Morgan Bassichis and Alex Lee) (Mandarin translation available here: 全力打造一個以廢除為目標的跨性/酷兒運動).

Afterword, Exile and Pride by Eli Clare, 15th Anniversary Edition (2009).

Methodologies of Trans Resistance, in Blackwell Companion to LGBT/Q Studies (2007).

For Lovers and Fighters, in We Don’t Need Another Wave: Dispatches from the Next Generation of Feminists, ed. Melody Berger (2006). (Polish translation of this essay here. Spanish translation here.)

Compliance is Gendered: Struggling for Gender Self-Determination in a Hostile Economy, in Transgender Rights: History, Politics and Law, eds. Paisley Currah, Shannon Minter, Richard Juang, (2006).

Fighting to Win, in That’s Revolting! Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation, ed. Matt Bernstein Sycamore, (2004).

Once More . . . with Feeling, in Inside Out: FTM and Beyond, ed. Morty Diamond, (2004).

My Memory and My Witness, in Without a Net: The Female Experience of Growing Up Working Class, ed. Michelle Tea, (2004) (co-authored with Elisabeth Goldschmidt).